24 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women to Work From Home 2023


Your pregnancy will become more visible the longer you wait, which can put you at an extra disadvantage since employers will begin to notice at some point. Every large website requires professional oversight to ensure that it gets updated with relevant content and remains functional for visitors. And since websites are hosted online, being a website manager can often be counted among other great jobs for pregnant moms who want to work at home. Professionals in this creative role often enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to arranging their schedules. And many of them work partially at home when they aren’t meeting with clients or performing on-site project tasks.

You’ll need to attend several health appointments during your pregnancy, so having a job where you can work flexible hours is extremely helpful. If you suffer from morning sickness, you may also appreciate not having to start work first thing in the morning if you don’t have to. That said, we are sharing the 20 best jobs for pregnant women. Sometimes, expectant mothers receive job offers based on their qualifications without the employers knowing that they are pregnant. Then, when the employers find out about the pregnancies, they rescind their job offers. In situations like those, the reason for rejection is generally obvious and easy to prove.

Survey taker

Companies are prohibited by law to deny you employment because you’re pregnant, and there’s no legal requirement to disclose your pregnancy. That’s not to say that job searching while pregnant doesn’t come with challenges. The truth of the matter is, there is a social stigma, albeit a very subtle one, against pregnant women in the workplace. The job isn’t physically best remote jobs for moms demanding, you can determine your own hours, and you can work from the comfort of your own home. Becoming a search engine evaluator could be a great remote job for pregnant women who want to make money in their spare time. It’s possible to make anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000+ evaluating search engine results for companies that hire Google raters.

jobs that hire pregnant women

Now you know the best jobs for pregnant women, you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy without worrying about money. Take it easy and listen to your body and your doctor’s advice. You don’t have to let potential employers know you’re pregnant when you apply for a job, as disclosing your pregnancy is a personal choice in the U.S. Paralegals help solicitors, barristers, and other legal professionals carry out legal tasks.

Product designer

In exchange for your efforts – depending on your industry, specialty, and level of experience – you could be making about $84,289 per year. Many online communities need moderators to make sure people follow the rules. At times, these jobs are flexible and part-time, though some are full-time, as well. With the latter, earning about $39,809 per year is possible, which is pretty sweet.

And they sometimes turn into good long-term employment with advancement opportunities. Many expectant mothers need to find employment quickly and work during their pregnancies. They also don’t have time to go to school for a year or more to get training for a new career. As a result, the best jobs for pregnant women in this situation often utilize their existing talents or only require a small amount of continuing education or on-the-job training. So, how can pregnant women make extra money without looking for jobs for pregnant women to help cover these expenses? There are many reasons why arbitrage selling is one of the great jobs for pregnant women.

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