Punaha Aranya: A project on afforestation in and around the city of Dehradun

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Punaha Aranya: A project on afforestation in and around the city of Dehradun

A group of like-minded citizens of Dehradun, in partnership with the alumni of Mother’s International School, New Delhi and Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS), Dehradun are trying to do their bit to combat the degradation of our environment by ensuring that the green cover in and around the city is rejuvenated.

Under their project ‘Punaha Aranya’ meaning ‘Forests Again’, they have planted about 200 indigenous and flowering trees on the airport road that runs through the Thano Range (on 28 July) and in and around Nanaksar Pondha in the Jhajhra Range (on 31 July). The plantation was done by the students of Learning Academy, PYDS, their teachers and other citizens with active support from the Forest Department. They have also tried to ensure the survival of the trees by providing many young trees with tree guards.

“We do not want the plantation to remain merely an annual ritual but wish the young to realise how vital trees are to our planet and those that inhabit it,” said Shefali Ray, an educationist who conceived the project. Hence in order to develop a sensitivity towards nature, each plantation was preceded by a short programme focussing on the indispensability of trees. Amongst the guests of honour were Mr Jai Raj, PCCF n HoFF (Retd.) Uttarakhand, Mr. Nitish Mani Tripathi, District Forest Officer, Dehradun, Mrs Chinni Swamy, Patron of PYDS, Mr Kamalbir Singh Incharge Deputy Director, NIEPVD and Mrs. Sarita Kumar, Principal, MKP College, Dehradun.

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