Drug de-addiction campaign will be run in CBSE schools

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Drug de-addiction campaign will be run in CBSE schools, the message of ‘say no’ to drugs will spread in every corner.

Drugs have adverse effects on children and youth. Intoxication at a young age hinders both physical and mental development. This has been seen many times in schools, due to this students are unable to concentrate on studies and play with their future. On this serious issue, CBSE has taken steps to run a drug de-addiction campaign.

De-addiction campaign will be conducted in all CBSE schools of India in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Justice and Art of Living Trust (AOL). In this, various types of things will be done to make school students aware about de-addiction. In the notification issued by CBSE, it was said that schools are requested to provide all possible cooperation in the efforts of the ministry. Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India and Art of Living Trust (AOL) will organize the following activities for de-addiction of students.

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