Bus-truck drivers strike against new law of hit and run

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New Delhi : 

Truck and dumper drivers across the country went on strike in protest against the Hint and Run law brought by the Central Government. He says that this law is wrong and it should be withdrawn. With this demand, truck drivers parked their trucks on the roads and blocked roads in many places including Mumbai, Indore, Delhi-Haryana, UP.

What is Hint and Run Law?

In fact, the Central Government has made new laws regarding crime, under which if a truck or dumper driver runs over someone and runs away, he will be jailed for 10 years.

Apart from this, a fine of Rs 7 lakh will also have to be paid. Earlier in this case, the accused driver used to get bail within a few days and he used to come out of the police station itself.

However, under this law also there was a provision of two years’ imprisonment. There is huge anger among truck drivers after this decision of the government. They say that this is completely wrong. The government will have to withdraw this law.

Regarding this, truck drivers parked their vehicles in Ecotech 3 area of Greater Noida and blocked the road and raised slogans. However, after being persuaded by the police, they removed their vehicles.

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