Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis’ statement after the decision on Maratha reservation

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Manoj Jarange has ended his fast after the Maharashtra government’s big decision on Maratha reservation. Now Devendra Fadnavis’ reaction has come on the decision. Deputy CM said, “With the ordinance, the rights of the Maratha community have become easily available to them. It was legal for the registered Maratha community to obtain the certificate. While doing this, 100 percent security is also provided to the OBC community.”

What did the Deputy CM say?

Devendra Fadnavis also said in his statement that the personal role of some leaders may be different on this. Let us tell you here, many leaders have expressed disagreement on the decision of the state government. Statements of Ajit group leader Chhagan Bhujbal and Union Minister Narayan Rane have also come to light on this issue. Devendra Fadnavis said that whatever has been done regarding Maratha reservation will be brought to his notice. The government has taken a decision which is benefiting the Maratha community, but there will be no injustice to any community. There is nothing for anyone to worry about in this. Our government will not allow injustice to the OBC community.

Let us tell you, recently the reservation given to the Maratha community was upheld in the High Court. However, due to some reasons the Supreme Court rejected that reservation. On this, the Deputy CM said, we have also started a survey to find out these reasons.”

Narayan Rane expressed disagreement on the decision of Maharashtra government

Union Minister Narayan Rane said that he does not agree with the decision of the Maharashtra government, which says that until Marathas get reservation, they will get all the benefits given to OBCs. The former Chief Minister of the state, in a post on Rane ‘X’, said that this would encroach on the rights of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and could lead to unrest in Maharashtra.

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