Is China worried about India’s growing power? Has the Chinese President distanced himself from the G-20 due to India’s growing stature in the Quad?

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Heads of state of more than 40 countries have participated in the ongoing G-20 summit in New Delhi. However, the absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping in this is surprising everyone. Xi Jinping’s absence is raising questions about relations between China and India and Chinese diplomacy as a whole. In fact, China’s head of state has been attending every summit held since the creation of G-20 in 1999, but he is absent from the event held in India.

This year’s summit will be attended by Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang instead of Xi Jinping. According to the report of SBS News, Xi Jinping has not participated in it for some time due to the ongoing tension between India and China. He is said to be indifferent towards India. His relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi are also said to be not good.

Dissatisfaction in both countries due to expansion of BRICS : 

China is part of the BRICS economic group. This also includes Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa. At his annual summit held in South Africa in August, Xi Jinping added six new countries (Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Egypt). From the beginning of next year, all these countries will join the group. China and Russia had been insisting on including more countries for some time, due to which India is worried. Other BRICS countries are worried that Dragon is trying to make it a China-centric association.

Don’t like growing friendship with America :

A major reason for China’s displeasure is the continuously strengthening relations between India and America. In the last few years, both the countries have written new dimensions of friendship. Meanwhile, the way Australia and America have welcomed India’s participation in the Quad, China is also said to be angry with India.

There will be no bilateral talks between the two :

India is holding bilateral talks with most of the heads of state attending the G-20, but this will not happen with China. Due to the non-participation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the ongoing tension between the two countries has once again become evident. Of course, China has sent its Prime Minister Li Chiang to the G-20 summit, but India will not hold bilateral talks with China.



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