Dehradun Master Plan: Construction is banned up to 30 meters from the earthquake line

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Amidst the increasing risks of earthquake in the capital Dehradun, Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority has banned the construction of buildings up to 50 meters distance from the earthquake line passing through Doon in the new digital master plan. This is the first time when the master plan of Doon advocated stopping construction by identifying frontline areas. The government has approved the proposal and agreed to reduce the distance from 50 meters to 30 metres.

Dehradun is sensitive to earthquake. Here the Main Boundary Thrust Fault Line passes through Rajpur Road, Sahastradhara and Shahanshahi Ashram and the Himalayan Front Thrust Fault Line passes through the area around Mohand. There are also 29 other seismic fault lines in the Doon Valley. The danger of earthquake always looms over the houses built here.

In view of this, for the first time MDDA has made preparations to stop construction in fault line affected areas. In these areas, construction will not be possible up to 30 meters around the earthquake line. Apart from this, there will also be a ban on construction of multi-storey buildings in nearby areas. Its proposal was placed in the government by the Chief Town Planning Department. The government also agrees on this.

The same rule will be applicable not only in the area of ​​the main earthquake line but also around 29 other seismic fault lines passing through different areas. MDDA has identified all these areas as frontline areas. Chief Town Planner Shashi Mohan Srivastava said that construction was banned in the 50 meter area around the frontline area. For practical reasons it has been reduced to 30 metres. Apart from this, maximum three storey houses can be built in the nearby areas.

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