Heart attack cases are increasing in the country, most of them are occurring among young people

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Heart attack cases are being reported every day from every corner of the country. This is becoming a matter of serious concern. The most surprising thing is that since the Corona epidemic, cases of heart attacks have increased, especially among the youth. Recently, two such cases have come to light which will increase anyone’s concern. Because the way people are becoming victims of heart attacks is a matter of concern as well as frightening. In Gujarat, a 19-year-old boy fell victim to a heart attack during Garba practice. When the boy was taken to a nearby hospital, the doctor declared him dead.

This case of Gujarat has shaken the entire country because people becoming victims of heart attacks at such a young age is a serious matter. Who can forget the Ghaziabad case just a few days ago? A few days ago, a video went viral on social media. In which a boy suddenly falls while walking on a treadmill. After which two people who were doing gym behind him came running towards him and tried to lift him up. After taking him to the hospital, the doctor declared him dead. The boy was a resident of Ghaziabad. Age is said to be 19 years.
Earlier the average age of heart attack was 60 but now it can make a person of any age its victim
The most disturbing thing is that the average age of a heart attack was 60. Nowadays it can happen to any person of any age. And this is a matter of greatest concern. The biggest reasons behind the increasing cases of heart attacks are said to be poor lifestyle, lack of sleep, poor diet, over-eating of sugar and lack of exercise.
Most of the health experts and doctors are in complete agreement that due to today’s bad lifestyle and eating habits, the cases of heart attack are increasing day by day. In this fast-paced life, people give more importance to work than life.

Based on research, these can be the reasons for heart attack at a young age.

bad lifestyle

Today’s youth are far away from a healthy diet. As much as he enjoys eating fast food, he does not like home-cooked food. Today’s generation is preferring to eat fried and oily food from the market.

Taking stress

The biggest cause of heart attack in youth is excessive stress at an early age. This stress can be of many types like financial, family reasons, sudden death of someone in the family. Doctors believe that most of the youth are becoming victims of heart attacks due to stress.

Not getting enough sleep

6-8 hours of sleep is very important. But today’s young generation is so crazy about smart phones that they do not care about sleep. One cannot get enough sleep due to Instagram and social media scrolling. Due to which cases of heart attack are increasing.

genetic causes

If someone in the family has died due to a heart attack, then they need to be more alert than others. The biggest cause of heart attack is also genetic.

exercise within limits

In recent times, it has been seen that those who exercise a lot and remain fit have also become victims of heart disease. There is a limit to anything. In such a situation, whenever you exercise, do it according to your body. Because in many cases of heart attack, it has been seen that too much exercise is also the reason for it.

Is cardio better for the heart than strength training?

There are a lot of claims that say strength training is better than cardio. But experts believe that both these exercises complement each other. And both should be done regularly. However, cardio exercise and strength training should be reduced or avoided by those people who have a family history of heart disease. Whenever you go to the gym, it is very important that you tell your trainer about your family history and your diseases. Many times, hiding about these diseases can be fatal for you. Especially cardio and strength training has the biggest impact on your heart, which later results in heart attack.

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