Will there be another stir in Maharashtra politics? Hearing on disqualification of 16 Shiv Sena MLAs today

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After the split in Shiv Sena, Assembly Speaker Rahul Narvekar is going to hear the disqualification case of MLAs today. The hearing will start at 12 noon in the Central Hall of the Legislature. Both factions of Shiv Sena have made preparations to face this hearing. The Supreme Court has handed over the decision on the MLA disqualification case to the Assembly Speaker. Therefore, everyone’s eyes are on this hearing.

Which group will have the upper hand in the hearing?
The Thackeray Group has made a plan as to how to face today’s hearing. The MLAs themselves will present their views only when the President personally asks the MLAs to present their views. Today at 11 am, there will be a meeting of Thackeray faction MLAs in the office of Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council Ambadas Danve. Then at 12 o’clock all the MLAs and lawyers of the Thackeray group will be present for the hearing.

What kind of strategy has been made for the hearing?
The Assembly Speaker will hear 34 petitions of 54 MLAs, including 40 from Shinde’s Shiv Sena and 14 from the Shiv Sena Thackeray faction. For this hearing, Shiv Sena will present its case through Thackeray group of lawyers. For this, Thackeray group has also prepared an army of lawyers. Answers have also been prepared for the hearing. Earlier, the MLAs of the Thackeray faction had jointly given a written reply to the written notice of the President. It is reported that a similar strategy has been made for the hearing also. Let us tell you, preparations have started in Vidhan Bhawan and hearing will be held throughout the day today.

Hearing will be held on these important issues
40 MLAs of Shiv Sena (Shinde faction) and 14 MLAs of Uddhav faction will be heard.
Assembly Speaker will hear 34 petitions.
The plaintiff and defendant MLAs should be given an opportunity to present evidence.
Each petition will be heard separately. At that time the concerned MLAs will be called.
During the hearing of the petition before the Speaker of the Assembly, the MLAs will be given a chance to present their views.
Then the MLAs will present their evidence and will also give evidence papers to each other.
Then the Legislature, after listening to everyone, will decide on separate issues for each petition.
The hearing will continue throughout the day today.


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