Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war after 47 days

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There is finally a ceasefire after 47 days of Israel-Hamas war. Now within a few hours the sounds of cannons and fighter jets will stop in Gaza.

In an unprecedented development, the Israeli cabinet has approved a ceasefire in the war with Hamas. In return, Hamas will release 50 Israeli hostages. On October 7, Hamas terrorists suddenly attacked Israel and kidnapped about 240 hostages.

According to the statement issued by the Israeli government, Hamas will release these hostages in the next 4 days. This attack from Israel will completely stop.

According to the report, most of the hostages that Hamas will release are women and children. They will be released in groups of 10 to 12.

According to Tel Aviv media, those who will be released include 30 children, 8 mothers and 12 women.


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