Gujarat Police’s entry in France’s “DUNKI FLIGHT” case

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After being stranded in France for four days, the plane with 303 passengers including Indian passengers reached Mumbai. In this, 276 passengers have returned. This plane of Romania’s Legend Airlines going to Nicaragua was stopped at Vatry Airport in France. The allegation was that human trafficking was being carried out in the flight Airbus A340. Actually, the flight going to Nicaragua had stopped for some time at Vatri Airport, after which 25 passengers refused to board the flight. These passengers had sought asylum from France. These 25 people are still in France. Now Gujarat Police has entered this matter.

Most of the passengers on board the flight are said to be from Gujarat, after which Gujarat Police is now planning to interrogate the passengers. The police have started trying to trace the agents and their network of the gang that sends people abroad by showing them false dreams. Proper teams have been formed for this. These teams will interrogate the passengers returning in the flight. Let us tell you that this flight is also being called Dungy Flight, because people entering European countries and America without documents are called Dungy.


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