‘India is respected and China is suspected all over the world’, former diplomat said on AU joining G20

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African Union (AU) has got permanent membership of G20 in the G-20 summit. With this, the African Union on Saturday (September 9) became a permanent member of the G20, a group of countries with the world’s largest economies. Regarding this, former diplomat Deepak Vohra says that Africa has chosen India as its role model.

Talking to ABP News, he said that China does not invest, but gives loans. China gives loans to African countries to build railway lines etc. He claimed that now India is being respected and China is being suspected all over the world.

Former diplomat reminded old story
The former diplomat further said that we had no food in 1960 and Indira Gandhi had gone to ask for food grains, we were the world’s largest exporter. It was said not to eat food on Monday. He said, “I myself slept hungry for 52 days. However, it was not that we did not have money, but it was the call of the country.”

India’s GDP is at its lowest – former diplomat SD Muni
At the same time, former diplomat SD Muni said that unless there is equality and unity in the country, we will never be able to become a superpower. He said that India’s GDP is at the lowest. Apart from this, to become a superpower it is necessary that if we do not work on the front of society and equality, then we will not be able to become a big power.

‘There should be no pressure on democracy’
The former diplomat said that there is no doubt that there should not be any pressure on democracy and even friends like America remind you again and again that there should not be any kind of pressure in democracy.

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