Live streaming of Karnataka High Court hacked, obscene videos and photos seen on screen

Slider उत्तराखंड देश

A surprising incident has come to light during a hearing in the Karnataka High Court. Hackers hacked the live streaming of the hearing there. After this, obscene videos and photos started being shown on live streaming during the hearing itself.

As soon as the judge came to know about this, he got it closed. Then clarification was given on the matter. The High Court staff has currently lodged a complaint in the cyber police station. FIR has been registered in this case and now further investigation is going on.

Another case of fraud came to light on Tuesday. In this, a B.Sc student who became a police officer for a day was cheated of Rs 1.63 lakh. For this the swindlers had lured them to double the money. The victim fell into their trap and lost her money. This case is from Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh

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