Netanyahu rejected the appeal for ceasefire, said – war will continue until Hamas is destroyed

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the war in Gaza will continue until Hamas is destroyed.

Amidst the worsening situation due to the ongoing war in Gaza, many countries of the world have appealed to Israel to immediately implement a ceasefire.

French President Emmanuel Macron told the #BBC that the ongoing bombing of Gaza ‘cannot be justified’.

At the same time, Muslim countries gathered in Saudi Arabia have also appealed to Israel for immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

But, in a press conference, Israel’s PM Netanyahu rejected all such appeals.

Netanyahu said, “If necessary, Israel will stand firm before the whole world.”

He said, “The war will continue until Hamas is destroyed and the hostages held by it are released.”

Netanyahu indicated that he does not accept America’s suggestion that the Palestinian Authority take over the administration of Gaza.

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7. About 12 hundred people died in this. Hamas fighters had taken more than 200 people with them as hostages.

Since then, Israel has been waging a campaign against Hamas in Gaza. According to health officials of Gaza’s Hamas, more than 11 thousand people have died so far in Israel’s attack.

News Source : BBC

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