Raids on medical stores in the city and rural areas, police checked 427 stores, closed 60

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A dedicated police team has been formed to take action on the information of selling drugs. In view of the sale of drugs, the police started this campaign on Saturday. The campaign will continue on Sunday also.

In the district, the police conducted rapid raids on medical stores in the city and rural areas. 427 stores were checked, out of which 60 medical stores running without pharmacists and operators were closed. Of these, 22 stores have been closed in the city and 38 in rural areas.

The police team checked the licenses and degrees of pharmacists at all the shops. Throughout the day, a total of 60 medical stores were found which either did not have a pharmacist or were being operated through someone else without an operator.

Many irregularities were also found at some medical stores during this period. Reports of all these are being sent to the drug controller. So that, in case of any complaint in future, they can be closed permanently. This checking was done in areas like Dehradun city, Vikasnagar, Rishikesh etc.

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