Not India, Pakistan got terrorist Hardeep Nijjar killed

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Indian government sources claim that Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Nijjar was actually murdered by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. According to sources, Nijjar was actually murdered because of control over the drug trade. Two Canadian ISI agents Rahat Rao and Tariq Kiyani are involved in the murder of Nijjar. Both of them are included in the most wanted list of India.

According to sources, it was impossible for an unknown person to approach Nijjar, but both the handlers used to meet him. For this reason, he was murdered at a place where no one could even go close to Nijjar. He used to run Khalistani agenda only with the support of ISI. With the help of ISI, Khalistani terrorists and gangsters are running drug smuggling gangs in Punjab. Terrorists and ISI also get a share of the earnings. Due to loosening of ISI’s grip on this network, terrorists started using the money as per their wish, due to which Nijjar had to be removed from the way.

Evidence against India:

Jagmeet Singh Pro-Khalistan Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh said Canada has strong evidence against India in the Nijjar murder case. Jagmeet, who supports PM Trudeau’s minority government, said his party will put pressure on the government to quickly punish the culprits in this case. Since the intelligence inputs they have been supporting the government’s stance on the matter.

Hindu Forum in Canada demands ban on Pannu
Hindu Forum Canada has demanded legal action against Khalistani terrorist Gurupatwant Singh Pannu for threatening minority Hindus to leave Canada. Forum lawyer Peter Thorning has written a letter to Immigration Minister Mark Miller requesting to ban Pannu from entering Canada. Thorning told Miller that the Canadian Hindu community is frightened due to Pannu’s threats.

Pannu’s video is especially affecting the children studying in schools, colleges and universities. Thorning said that India and Canada are friendly countries. India has declared Pannu a terrorist, hence Canada should also take action against Pannu and ban her organization Sikh for Justice.

Conspiracy to spread Khalistan campaign to Sikhs of 87 countries
A big meeting with dangerous plans regarding Khalistan was held in the US capital Washington in the first week of September. 40 Khalistani extremists from fourteen countries of the world participated in this meeting. Sources in central intelligence agencies said that in this meeting the strategy to take forward ‘Mission Sikh Joint’ to promote its dangerous Khalistan campaign in 87 countries was discussed. The extremists present in the meeting decided that dangerous steps would have to be taken to raise the voice of Khalistan and to include Sikhs in the referendum.


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